Laserable Leatherette offers the look and feel of genuine leather at a fraction of the price. This richly textured, synthetic material is water resistant, easy to clean and durable enough for the rigors of daily use. The high-quality workmanship of each leatherette piece is sure to impress every recipient with its elegant individuality. Laserable leatherette items can be personalized through laser engraving for a sharp contrast. If you hear any of the terms: faux leather, pleather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, vegan leather, PU leather, and fake leather, you are referring to the same material, which is leatherette. The idea behind creating leatherette is to design a material that mimics leather at a much lower price.  Leatherette is not only used to create vehicle’s seats, and it can be used in many other practices like clothing, footwear, and upholstery. In the design of leatherette, cloth fibers are used and coated with a plastic material like PVC or polyurethane. One of the main characteristics of leatherette is that it does not include any animal byproduct.